Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top Five Airports in Asia

There are a lot of nice airports around the world however it seems that in Asia they bring the airport experience to a new level. Most major airports in Asia offer the waiting traveler many options to pass the time in comfort and or activity. In this post I will list my top five airports for convenience, ease of use, comfort, amenities and style. Just a point on amenities; it seems these days that the designers of airports have really thought through the reality and often displeasure of traveling to provide a better overall experience.
Airports are like little communities within communities separated from the local experience in many ways. You can experience everything from beautiful relaxation gardens to movie "rooms" to foot-massage/relaxation centers to fitness centers and hourly private room/showers just to mention a few of the amenities available at some of the better airports in Asia. In Singapore, my number one top Asia airport you can get all of these and even a resort style swiming pool for a little fun in the sun. Of course there are all of the standard amenities at most Asian airports as well, like shopping, dinning and areas for internet and TV viewing. Here are my top five airports in Asia that bring the airport experience to the highest levels:

1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Kuala Lumpur
4. Tokyo Narita
5. Osaka Kansai

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