Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Airport Lounge

If you spend as much time as I do in airports particularly with long layovers and delayed flights you need a place to relax, get something to eat and drink, check e-mails and even get a shower. Well if you're flying first or business class then generally you can enjoy the airline lounge as part of your airfare, the best I have experienced is the first class lounge of Cathay Pacific Airline at the Hong Kong International Airport, two words "Noodle Bar." For those who travel frequently but fly coach (this includes yours truly some of the time) there are still ways to enjoy the pampered indulgence of these little havens. Most airlines allow individuals the opportunity to pay an annual membership to use their lounges but usually this is expensive and the number of lounges is limited. Most major airports in Asia have pay-per-visit lounges but for those that travel a lot this is the most expensive option. The best program I have found is called Priority Pass. This is a worldwide network of lounges (over 500) that are quite nice and offer great services, even free 15 minutes of massage in a location or two that I have visited.

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