Saturday, March 29, 2008

Survival Tips for the Long Flight, part 3

O.K., this will be the final post on this subject but it is really an important subject for overall survival, enjoyment and productivity when it comes to traveling overseas for business. Really these final points are perhaps the most important for surviving long haul flights. You see these types of flights are very physically demanding and like any physically demanding activity you should condition your body for it. You wouldn't run a marathon or climb a mountain without training first for that activity right?

The same is true for long haul flying. In order to endure and reduce the effects of these long flights you should be exercising regularly. Really just consistent 3 to 4 time weekly exercise will work. I really am not a big gym rat type guy, I don't like exercising when I know that I am doing it but I really like the feeling of leaving the gym after a good workout and I particularly feel the benefits when traveling. I simply do some basic cardio, some abs and a little strength training. Stretching is really important too although I am the worst at it and need to do more. For me even when I am there in Asia and bouncing around from city to city it’s a must to get to the hotel gym as often as possible.

The next point is getting plenty of sleep building up to your trip. If you were going to run a marathon you certainly wouldn't be out to all hours three or four nights prior to your marathon so the same is true of flying on long haul flights. Get plenty of sleep, make sure your body is well rested before you fly, it helps a ton.

Finally, drink lots of water. Try to stay away from alcohol, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks while flying. If you get tired of drinking just water then drink orange juice. Water and OJ are best to keep you hydrated and to get the extra vitamin c your body is demanding due to the physical stresses of travel.

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